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Dr Sarah Butler

ADHD assessment 
& Psychology

I was very pleased with the service I received and have already passed Sarah's details on to others that might also benefit from an assessment.

Thank you.


Meet Dr Sarah Butler

Dr Butler is a Psychologist with expertise in neuro-affirmative, adult ADHD assessments and beyond. Providing a professional and personal service to people who need fast and easy access to a gold standard assessment. She is dedicated to supporting adults with ADHD to live and perform to their full potential. Her assessment portfolio includes senior police officers, psychologists, lawyers, business owners, and university professors. For more information about ADHD assessment services, go to the services page.

Dr Sarah Butler adult ADHD assessments

ADHD is a term used to describe difficulties with attention and hyperactivity/impulsivity which hinder development and progression throughout the lifetime. These difficulties can be seen in behaviours and levels of motivation in children and adults however, these manifest slightly differently as we get older.


With productivity high on everyone’s agenda, difficulties with performance at work can hinder the ADHDer’s progression despite being a dedicated, bright and imaginative worker. Adults with ADHD can find that planning projects, sorting, and prioritising tasks, and meeting deadlines are more difficult than their colleagues. This can often lead to a sense of embarrassment and feeling overwhelmed.


In relationships, the relationship dynamic between two partners can swing out of balance when one partner compensates for the other’s ADHD difficulties. Also, people with ADHD can forget important birthdays, anniversaries and general errands which can lead to conflict between partners and feelings of shame. People with ADHD can often talk more than is socially expected, have difficulty taking turns, and they may frequently jump off topic or interrupt. This can be irritating to families who do not understand the difficulties with impulsiveness.

The online ADHD adult assessment is a neurodevelopmental assessment that includes taking a full history of your difficulties and exploring the extent to which you are impacted now. The online assessment is designed for adults in the knowledge that adults are likely to have developed some coping or ‘masking’ strategies over time. The assessment is neuroaffirmative which means it takes into account your strengths and uniqueness aswell as your difficulties.


More information about the online adult ADHD assessments on the services page.

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