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Intensive therapy

Research participant

''I finally feel like that the little things that should have been making me feel okay, do actually now and I always said they did, but they didn't''.

What is it about?

Intensive or condensed therapy is similar to regular therapy but delivered over a shorter period of time, often over several consecutive days. Traditional therapy offers 50-to-90-minute sessions, once per week, lasting several weeks or months. In comparison, during intensive therapy you have exclusive contact with me for 3 days in a row. The therapy is usually conducted online via a video conferencing software or face to face in Andover, Hampshire should you wish.


Intensive therapy is a growing area, and there is plenty of research to say it works just as well as weekly sessions. My own doctoral research confirms that clients like the ‘protected space’ and ‘a continued connection’ it gives them. The intensive approach means you can work through your difficulties in a focussed and dedicated space where you can avoid interruptions, distractions, and triggers. This way, you can focus on yourself, kick start recovery, and accelerate progress.


My approach draws on all of my knowledge and experience, so I use techniques from various models like CBT and EMDR. Rest assured that the foundation of my work lies in NICE recommended treatments and complimented by tools which I have found effective over the years.  

Who is it for?

Intensive therapy is suitable for anyone who wants a bona fide therapy across a shorter timeframe. It suits people who cannot afford to be absent from work or family duties for several months while they complete traditional therapy. It also suits people who wish to take time out from the usual running of their lives to focus on themselves. Intensive therapy can help anyone and is most beneficial to people who were living an OK life until the traumatic event or phobia occurred, and now want to get back on their feet as soon as possible. You do not have to have an official diagnosis from a professional to access or qualify for the therapy. Intensive therapy is particularly suited to PTSD, phobias, Depression and anxiety.  Contact me for more information...>>

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